Partners for the Cure


Partners  for the Cure is our committed giving program, which allows our supporters to donate on a regular basis, whether it’s monthly, quarterly or yearly, by Direct Debit.


This regular income is invaluable to our research and support work and will enable us to plan ahead more effectively and commit greater sums of money to the research projects we believe will lead us to a cure.

With increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with diabetes, we feel that now is the time to drive research forward and this new campaign will allow our members to support the most exciting research of our time.

Monthly Giving

The Monthly Giving is very straightforward and you could donate as little as $5.00 a month, this is extremely valuable to us as a charity.  If everyone of our existing donors were to give just $5.00 a month, our income would be staggering! 

Regular giving also improves our cost effectiveness and enables us to inject an even larger percentage of our funds directly to where it’s needed most.

Partners are our most valued supporters and as a sign of our gratitude, are entitled to a complimentary gift inscribed with the charity’s logo and a personalized certificate recognizing their contribution to our cause.

If you are interested in joining our Partners for the Cure and signing up to this committed giving program, you can do so on-line through our secure payment system or by calling us at 202-298-9211.  Click here to download the brochure.