How We Work

Our aims & objectives

We aim to support people with diabetes, through the provision of advice and services, while the researchers we fund continue to work towards finding a cure.

We undertake national awareness campaigns to ensure the public is aware of diabetes, its risk factors, symptoms, and potential complications.

We provide support to diabetes and related healthcare professionals in support of their patients through the provision of educational events and advisory literature.

We seek to achieve these goals by:

  • The funding of scientific and clinical research studies
  • The promotion of screening, wellness, and other health-related programs
  • The operation of a membership Diabetes Wellness Network encouraging the sharing of knowledge and the provision of professional advice
  • The organization of events focused on the provision of practical advice and information
  • The dissemination of information on diabetes for the purpose of informing the general public on the symptoms, causes, and effects of diabetes
  • The provision of advisory literature to diabetes clinics for distribution to patients
  • The establishment of community outreach programs


Questions or concerns about any of our communications, whether awareness-raising, fundraising, or educational programs, should be directed to our head office at:

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation®
Executive Offices
1834 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 420,
Washington, DC 20009
Telephone: 202-298-9211
Fax: 202-244-4999

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