Toujeo - New Long-Lasting Insulin

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Toujeo®, a new long-acting insulin developed by Sanofi.  Sanofi hopes that Toujeo will replace Lantus, their current long-acting insulin, which is due to lose its patent protection in the United States in a little over two years—allowing other pharmaceutical companies to develop a generic form of Lantus. 

Toujeo still uses the active ingredient glargine, which is used in Lantus—but at three times the concentration, and it’s designed to release insulin more gradually.  Toujeo provides similar blood glucose control as Lantus but with fewer episodes of hypoglycemia.  Toujeo will be available in a Solostar pen that will contain 450 units of Toujeo, but will require one-third less injection volume as compared to Lantus.  This insulin will be especially helpful for individuals who have insulin resistance and require a large volume of insulin to lower their blood glucose levels.