AADE Annual Conference Highlights - 2016

DRWF is happy to report many highlights from the 2016 AADE Annual Conference in San Diego, CA. Our diabetes educator, Kathy Gold attended the meeting and the expo.

  • What a wonderful meeting over 3,600 Diabetes Educators attended the annual meeting in San Diego.  A wide variety of topics were covered on technology. With the development of a wide variety of apps for those living with diabetes -  Molly McElwee-Malloy did a great presentation giving guidance on how to choose appropriate APP’s for patients and how to evaluate their value. There are 84 APPs available for diabetes  It is important for educators to know what Apps their patients are using and how they can access the information.


  • The artificial pancreas was another hot topic as the first closed loop system should be available in 2017.  A great presentation by JDRF shared the status of the closed loop system.


  • Lots of new insulins are now available, a number of presentations offered guidance on how these insulin may be used in practice. 


  • Is the A1C the gold standard in Diabetes Outcomes?  Presently A1C levels are used to evaluate all products and medications, discussions are presently underway to identify other measures such as rate of hypoglycemia, quality of life measures that may be of value. 

More highlights and resources to come.  Check back.