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Diabetes Helpline

helplineDiabetes Helpline

We are just a ring away...

The Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation’s Toll-free Helpline serves over 1,200 individuals each year, answering a wide array of questions regarding diabetes self-management.

Callers have the opportunity to speak to a registered nurse, who is a Certified Diabetes Educator, and gain further understanding of their diabetes. Questions range from blood glucose goals, nutrition, medication regimens and how medications work, information about the many complications of diabetes and their treatment, finding a diabetes doctor or education program, to finding centers for islet cell research.

The helpline service has found that many of the patients that call are not seeing an endocrinologist, a specialist in the diabetes field. Diabetes research, medications, and technology are changing each year, and it is important to be knowledgeable about diabetes in order to manage your diabetes as best you can. The helpline started with the hope that we could provide additional resources to the patient. The service provides information on the latest medications, research, and counseling about the caller’s personal diabetes control. The need for this service is so great that we have serviced over 12,000 individuals since 1993. Often times patients call after they have just come from the doctor’s office to further explain the doctor’s recommendations. This unique service provided by DRWF allows individuals to ask questions and seek information, which unfortunately a 10-minute doctor’s visit cannot provide.

Please take this opportunity to contact our Diabetes Helpline at 1-800-941-4635 for any non-urgent medical questions. We are ready for your call.


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