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Community Outreach

Diabetes Communityclinic

Diabetes Health Clinic

Our diabetes clinic at the Community Center for Non-Violence (CCNV), the largest homeless shelter in the District of Columbia, is in its eighth year of service. On average, eight to ten patients are seen weekly at the clinic by our diabetes educator. Patients are given meters through a generous program offered by Bayer, receive nutrition education, and receive care by the medical staff, which exceeds that recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

Clients at the clinic are successfully lowering their A1C levels from 12-13 down to 7-8. Our patients may be homeless, but they are given the tools to manage their diabetes despite the limitations that may exist by living in a shelter. Many of these clients only have access to a single meal a day.

We have empowered these individuals to walk, monitor their blood glucose levels, and choose foods wisely. We have been successful in enrolling them in health insurance programs, food stamp programs, referred them for yearly eye and dental exams and monitored their cholesterol, blood pressure, kidney function, and A1Cs to meet the mission of DRWF – to keep individuals healthy until a cure is found. The education program at CCNV has provided hope and success for many clients and provides the tools necessary for participating homeless individuals to successfully manage their diabetes even with their limited resources.

Health Fairs

DRWF’s outreach program is very active in the DC metropolitan area. The foundation regularly attends more than 65 health fairs throughout the metropolitan area at local businesses, governmental agencies, community centers, and homeless shelters. Our educator has screened more than 350 individuals yearly for diabetes, identifying many with pre-diabetes. Unfortunately, at each session our screenings detected at least one if not more individuals with elevated blood glucose levels.

It is known that 18.2 million individuals have diabetes, and 5.9 million are unaware that they have diabetes. Our free screening program has been very effective in raising the awareness of diabetes and the importance of aggressively identifying so individuals can make the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent the many complications of diabetes.

At our screening sessions, we offer consultations with a Certified Diabetes Educator to inform individuals of the risk factors and means by which Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or controlled. Our CDE’s has counseled individuals on blood glucose control and provided referrals to physicians and diabetes education programs to determine if their elevated blood glucose levels were an indication of diabetes.

DRWF has reached out to the community to raise awareness regarding the prevalence and seriousness of diabetes. With pre-diabetes numbers growing, DRWF is anxious to participate in a variety of venues to encourage individuals to change their behaviors and improve their overall health. Please contact DRWF at astancik@diabeteswellness.net to attend your community health fair or to provide a speaker for your organization.


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