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Being diagnosed with diabetes is a tough road to follow but there are answers to your many questions.  Some may be about the fundamentals while others may be particular to you.  We have many topics on diabetes available to you free of charge on request.


We recognize that there is already a wealth of information about diabetes available on the internet and so, rather than repeat what can be found elsewhere, we have provided links (in the right hand menu) to other reputable websites we consider to be of value to people with diabetes.

While every care has been taken only to provide links to professionally operated websites, we cannot be responsible for their content and advise users to exercise caution whenever viewing material from other sources.  Please be aware that some of the links are to websites based in the UK and France where some diabetes treatments and drug names are different to those used in the USA.

Diabetes Local - a new project of DRWF that will assist those looking for local community resources.  Check out the website today in your area.  www.diabeteslocal.org

 DRWF Offers Drug Discount Card

In an effort to help our members manage their diabetes we are providing all members with a Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation drug discount card.  This card will provide individuals with the opportunity to save up to 75 percent off the regular price of prescription medications. This card is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide. There is no fee or registration necessary.  Anyone can use this card regardless of income, insurance state, age, residency, or diagnosis.



How does the card work?

You present the card to the pharmacist when filling a prescription. The pharmacist determines the savings. The card is good for prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines if written on a pre­scription blank, and pet prescription medicines purchased at the pharmacy.


Where do the savings come from?

The savings are the result of negotiated discounts from the pharmacies. The discount varies from drug to drug and pharmacy to pharmacy. This means that different pharmacies may offer different discounts on the same drug. The discount ranges from nothing on inexpensive drugs to 75 percent or more on various drugs.

How the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation card differs from other cards

Our card is different in many ways:

1. It’s completely free. There’s no registration fee, no monthly fee, and no usage fee; users never pay anything.

2. We maximize user savings by keeping our earnings and the processing fees very low.

3. Profits go to help people in need rather than to profit-making corporations.


Can people with insurance, Medicare or Medicaid use the card?

Anyone can use the card but it cannot be used in combination with insurance, state, or federal programs. However, it can be used in place of any one of these programs.  There are a number of scenarios where people with private health insurance may find using the drug dis­count card beneficial.

People with health insurance can use the card if:

• the drug is not covered by their insurance,

• the policy has no drug coverage,

• the policy has a high drug deductible that has to be met,

• the policy has a low medication cap that has been met,

• there is a very high co-pay and the discount with the card offers a better deal.


The card cannot be used to lower a co-payment.  Some plans have limited drug coverage or have high deductibles or co-payments for certain medicines. Other plans have no drug coverage. In all of these situations the drug discount card may be a good alternative.


What drugs are covered?

The card may be used to purchase any prescription drug, over-the-counter drugs written on a prescription blank, and pet prescription medicines purchased at a pharmacy. There isn’t may not be a savings on every drug.

How many times can I use the card?

There is no limit to the number of times the card can be used or how many people can use the card.


What if I have Medicare - Part D?

You can use the card if you are in the donut hole and have no chance of getting out before the end of the year. Remember, whatever you spend with the card does not count towards getting out of the donut hole.


Medical Assistance Programs -

During these tough economic times, many individuals are struggling
to cover the cost of their medications. Pharmaceutical companies are moving to help lessen the burden by easing the eligibility
requirements for patient assistance programs. For instance Merck,
the maker of Januvia™ for diabetes and Singulair® for asthma, has
increased the income eligibility to 400 percent of the federal poverty
level. This would allow an individual with an annual household
income of $43,320 to qualify. Other patient assistance programs:

Together RX Access®: eligibility starts at $45,000 for single persons and $105,000 for a family of five. This program is for legal residents who lack private or public prescription coverage. Over 300 drugs are discounted 25%-40%. They can be found on the web at: www.togetherrxaccess.com  or by phone: 800-444-4106.

Rx Outreach®: provides generic medications to anyone with a US mailing address whose income is less than 300% of the federal poverty level. They can be found on the web at: www.rxoutreach.com  or by phone: 800-769-3880.

RxAssist: www.RxAssist.org  phone (401) 729-3284 and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance www.pparx.org  (888) 477-2669 are clearinghouses for patient assistance programs. If you have applied before and been denied you may now qualify.


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