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The Bortz's Run for Diabetes research - Boston Marathon

posted: 4/19/2010 1:00:00 AM

Support the Bortz's Run for Diabetes Research in the Boston Marathon in April.

Join Us in Celebrating Dr. Bortz’s 80th Birthday by Supporting his, and wife Ruth Anne's, 40th Run in the Boston Marathon in April.

Dr. Walter Bortz has helped to lead us to better health… to keep us healthy until a cure is perfected. Imagine 80 years old and running 26.2 miles; aren’t we proud and inspired by this doctor, friend and leader in the battle of life free from disease.  As you know, this is no small task. We are in awe of his determination and leadership. We can all learn a lesson from Dr. Bortz on staying fit, eating smart, and exercising to maintain an optimum quality of life through our years. What Walter teaches is NOT EASY but it does preserve lives.

Will you join me in encouraging Dr. and Mrs. Bortz in their fantastic quest to run the Boston Marathon this April 19th.

Dr. Bortz has been a valuable friend. For over 20 years he has served as a senior medical advisor. The diabetes cure has been and remains to be our first, second and third top priority. Nothing is more important.

I am asking every one of our key supporters to pledge a Boston Marathon sponsorship gift to Dr. and Mrs. Walter Bortz. The race is 26.2 grueling miles through the streets, hills and along the riverfront of historic Boston. There will be approximately 25,000 runners; many are professionals running for prize money…a few are running for a cause. The Bortz's are running for you, me, themselves, their family, and all the people with diabetes. Dr. Bortz is our hero, and I want to support him in April.

Your gifts are essential to meeting the pledges we have made to researchers around the country. Research stopped is research lost! Please help.  

Please send your most generous, sacrificial gift. Send $1 for each of the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon.  A $26 gift will cover the entire 26.2 miles that Dr. and Mrs. Bortz are going to complete.  Send your gift today -- $26 for 26.2 miles or whatever you can do today.

Donate online at: www.active.com/donate/bortzrun

Mail your donation to:

DRWF / Bortz Run

5151 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Suite 420

Washington, DC 20016


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